This Week, The Mermaid Lady Salutes:

Geoffrey Holder

Image courtesy of Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

This week, we pay homage to the great West Indian actor and choreographer, Geoffrey Holder.

Holder was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad in 1930. He is instantly recognizable to Baby Boomers and Gen-X'ers by his tall stature, shaven head, deep resonant voice and hearty laugh. He is best known as the "Uncola man" of 7-UP advertisements in the 1970's and 1980's; as well as James Bond nemesis Baron Semedi from Live and Let Die, easily the most fearsome villain of the Roger Moore era.

His career spans nearly 50 years as an actor, choreographer, and voice artist. In addition he is a well respected director, dancer, singer, painter and costume designer.

Today, Mr. Holder Lives in New York City with his wife of over 55 years, Carmen De Lavallade. The Holder's have one son, Leo Anthony Lamont. Geofrey is also the brother of the London contemporary painter, Boscoe Holder (1921-2007).

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